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Biosecurity and Health Concerns

 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr6004a1.htm is a link to the CDC's guidance on reducing the risk of diseases in animal settings. As more RI farmers open their farms as ag-tourism destinations, they also open themselves up to being implicated in zoonotic disease outbreaks. The sad story about the recent outbreak of E. coli O157 at Oak Leaf Farm in CT should drive that message home. There are many victims in this situation; those who were infected, and likely the economic viability of the farm business, as well as the farmer. The best defense from this situation repeating itself in RI is to take precautions to ensure that it never happens in the first place. It is unrealistic to think that visiting a farm, or any other outdoor endeavor, can be rendered sterile and harmless. Therefore, taking measures to inform people of the risk and taking common-sense precautions to mitigate the risk are reasonable actions. It also may be advisable for farmers who encourage the public onto their farms, to speak with their insurers to assess whether they have adequate liability coverage in the event someone gets hurt or sick as a result of visiting.

March 2017: Confirmed HPAI H7N9 (North American wild bird origin)
in Tennessee Commercial Broiler Flock

Confirmed Avian Influenza Detections - 2016

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E. Coli O157


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