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Emergency Preparedness

RI DEM Advice for Animal Owners
Advice for animal owners facing a disaster, such as a severe storm or emergency evacuation.

Safe Snow Removal from Barn and Shed (and other) Roofs
With the weather slated to warm up just long enough for it to rain for most of us on Sunday, we want to remind all of you that if you are cleaning off your barn, shed or home roofs, please be sure to use the utmost care. If you are injured, well, you know that won't be good on many levels.

  1. Pay attention to the snow load on your roofs. All of them.
  2. If you determine that the snow should be removed, stay safe.
  3. Use proper technique and equipment, and if you need to, hire a professional. (That is likely not your neighbor's kid.)
  4. If you are removing the snow yourself, do not work alone. In case of an accident, you should have someone else with you.

Cornell University Snow Removal Do's and Dont's
Contains excellent diagrams for how to remove the snow.  (You might think upstate NY information wouldn't apply to us. Think again.)

RIEMA Stresses the Importance of Removing Snow from Roofs
Some basic info along with the RIEMA number to call.

Excessive Snow Load on Barn Roofs
Figuring out snow density for your roof.  (This is a good link from Nationwide, not an endorsement)

None of the above links are an endorsement from RIRLA, but a reminder that we want all of you to stay safe, and to keep your animals and property safe. As always, please use common sense and caution in this weather. You don't want to be the next Youtube video or news headline.


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